Outdoor Furniture Indonesia

July 29, 2019 | Outdoor

Indonesia furniture as a factory that produces various kinds of processed teak as well as original and authentic Jepara has experience in exporting wholesale to international markets. Selected solid teak wood, the best grade A quality, offers a variety of exclusive collections for garden furniture and other outdoor furniture. All produce beautiful work supporting the interior and exterior of the entire look of the house and garden.

Indonesia Outdoor Furniture are all made through experienced hands, processed completely from traditional work to the use of modern machines to improve the quality of production. Full machine made is also used to produce high quality production standards, guaranteed and always maintained the quality and reliability. Everything is processed regularly, through rigorous testing of the standard of gravity at each stage of its fertilization. So if you have chosen teak wood as an ingredient, then rest assured it will be used all the time, for life.

By using our production furniture, you can be calm without the need to think about complicated maintenance in the future. Besides our after sales service support is also very well maintained, reliable after-sales services give full attention to the care of all the furniture purchased from us, always prioritizing extra services for our loyal customers. Included in our special service is high-quality photo resolution, for you resellers of our products wherever you are, this includes the creation of logos, catalogs, and supply of other needs for resale.

Delivery on schedule according to order is also a priority, so that late receipts can be avoided, or reduced optimally. Product warranty is also provided for all customers and buyers according to the applicable provisions. Everything is carried out professionally according to company standards for customer satisfaction.

Outdoor Furniture Indonesia manufacturers and wholesale exporters of outdoor furniture with the most complete products with reliable quality. Various models are made to keep abreast of modern times and continue to innovate for the sake of superior product goals, and are always ready to work on custom made furniture.

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